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Spirit Series, Part 3 (Most Holy Place)

The preparation for this climb began many months before their departure from each of their different cities. They grouped together at the train station as the tired travelers converged on their destination village and met for the first time. It is a joyous coming together after so many months of emails, telephone calls and texts. It was gratifying to meet each other in the flesh. The months they’ve spent getting to know each other have been necessary to the success of the climb. Their very lives depend on each other’s care.

Spirit Series, Part 2 (Most Holy Place)

The climbers rest in each others’ skills and care.

The expertise of a few of them far surpasses that of the others, assuring a skilled oversight and a safer climb. The leader is the most skilled and the climber who brings up the rear must be ably experienced, as well, since his assessment of the wellbeing of the others is so important to the group. Any falter is more readily apparent to him than the man leading, whose back is to the group…

Spirit Series: Part 1 | Most Holy Place

He tries to steady himself as he feels the heaviness tug at him. His muscles strain and he’s overcome by a sudden, overwhelming drowsiness. He takes a few sharp, short breaths. The air up here is hard, the only way it can be described. Each labored breath is painful, his lungs fighting for sufficient oxygen. He heaves his pickaxe into the rock stretching his arm, as his boot spikes stab at the rock face. Those above and below him are here to fulfil a quest.

He called to Moses!

He speaks in a Voice… audible… but scarcely so.   “What’s this? Was it my imagination? Do I really hear a voice speaking to me?” Moses thinks to himself. The Voice, above all voices, commences an unpretentious moment, one when Yehovah renews His struggle to have intimacy with...

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