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It’s Supernatural

It’s Supernatural

It’s True…It’s Factual…It’s Supernatural – The Dream

We want to share a very special dream that one of our seekers shared with us. We offer it to you with the hope it is a blessing. For the record, the names are fictitious but the actual; events are not.

In the dream, Jesse, my husband, and I go to Atlanta to meet with the body of Messiah, as our last stop before we fly out of the country. When we enter the room where the group is meeting, they appear defeated. Apparently there was a disagreement that occurred with some of the people, who left and took a vital key with them. Now this group is “stuck.” They feel betrayed and broken, and have no key to lock the room. My husband and I say that we can go and return with the key.

The people suggest that if we are to do so, that we will wear white shirts because this is the regulation that those who left had been arguing about. Since we do not have white shirts, and we do need to get to our flight, we go as we are. We enter a room with many people wearing white shirts. They are walking in a big circle, and each time they get to a specific corner, they do a strange kind of move, like bowing down, and then they continue marching. Before we know it, we are swept into the marching circle. Jesse and I are extremely conspicuous, since we are the only ones not wearing white shirts. We are marching, all the while trying to identify who may have the key. Then we reach the corner at which we are supposed to do the extra move, but our bodies are stiff and it is as if we are locked up, not allowing us to move.

Jesse and I are now out of the marching circle, standing with our mouths open. In front of us is a wooden cabinet, open and empty. People are bowing down with an extra funky move, to an empty wooden cabinet.

We scream, “What are you doing people!?!” Immediately, we are taken aside by the leader. We see the key on his belt. We need this key.

He explains, “We left the other group because they refused to understand the importance of the Jewish rituals of the Jewish roots of Yeshua. We took the key with us, because they need to repent and join our marching circle. The empty cabinet represents the Torah scroll, which in due time we will buy, but for now, we can only afford the cabinet. One must bow down before the Torah Scroll to be one with us.”

Jesse and I are still focusing on the key. We need the key. We ask the leader, “What about Yeshua? Where does He fit in the picture of the marching circle!?!” The leader replies, “We hope that if we do everything right He will join us too, one day.”

Just then, Jesse says to me, “Let them do what they do, and let’s get out of here.”

We go back to the first group. They look at us with such hope, expecting that we brought the key. They ask, “Did they kick you out because you had no white shirts?” With that their leader takes us aside and gives us a huge 5 gallon bottle full of liquid. He says, “We collected fuel for you for the journey, so you can be strengthened…it is our collective urine, since we know that urine is good for you.”

Once again, Jesse and I are shocked. “What…what on earth!” we think.  We take a moment to argue with the leader, saying, “You’ve got it wrong. Only one’s own urine can be used by that particular person.”

The leader’s face changes from love to hate. His expressions says it all, “Are you going to follow our rules?”

Jesse and I look at the time. Our flight is near. We look at the room. There is a back door. We excuse ourselves, walk and pray, pray and walk, asking God to remove us, as far as can be, from any religion that wants to control our lives. We open the back door, and to our amazement, we are in an open field. A field like in the movies, in which everything is just so beautiful.

We see, not too far ahead, a radiant light. We naturally walk toward it. Behind that light, Yeshua, in full glory, sits on a throne. We are in awe.

Yeshua says, “It was only a test! It was only a test. I wanted to see if it is “I” for whom you are searching, or just a bunch of rules and regulations to make yourselves feel good. I am delighted to see that even though you thought the key was your solution you realized it is I who is your freedom. Stay with Me for a while, before you go back out there. The more you stay with Me, the less you will get tangled by these man made temptations. Stay with Me for a while.”

I wake up.

Oh, Lord

Search in us and give us pure hearts…pure hearts that will see You…pure hearts that will know the difference between Holy and secular, clean and unclean, good and evil. Give us wisdom and knowledge. Keep us free from religion, free from man’s expectation, man’s recognition, man’s demands, and lead us to the narrow path in which we gaze our eyes only on You. We are screaming: Freedom! Freedom to our souls to follow You! Born again walking miracles, because we are resurrected by the blood, Your blood, that was paid fully to free us from religion, once and for all.


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