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Letter From the Authors

Honored Guests,

With another year drawing to a close, and so many voices becoming fluent, we take this space to add our voices to that chorus. 2015 is the year that witnessed the launch of, “The Angel Chronicles,” the first book of our series, “Winds of Eternity.”

We, that is “Track Johnson,” are thankful for the many blessings favored upon us during this year. Permit us to briefly mention a few…some of which are serious, some, funny “ha-ha,” and some, funny, “strange.” We choose thankfulness as the place we’d like to begin.

The year began with a bang when we broke ground on our new home. At about the same time our publisher agreed to take on our book. Always busy, always facing a series of deadlines, always wondering just how can we get this done, always questioning how we got ourselves into all this in the first place. Tonight all those tasks, all our sticky notes, are gone!

Along the way, the prayers of so many covered us, building a hedge around us, just as we talk about in our book. Along the way, “Track” experienced at least three, and maybe more, actual angel encounters, which had heretofore been absent when first we wrote “The Angel Chronicles.” Along the way, we also stumbled into some divine appointments. There was knitting of our hearts with that of Linda at a prayer gathering; then there was the unnamed lady, who came to our first book signing, and bought a book in memory of her father. This book he had desired to purchase, but passed before acquiring it. And, along the way, at the Aglow International Global Conference we were overwhelmed by ‘chance’ meetings with two lighthouse leaders from Washington DC. They met a need of our heart which we’d carried for several years. God Bless them all.

Now, looking back, we are thankful for you, reading public, for your interest in the book introduced to you by Track Johnson.

On a very serious note, there was the abominable ruling of this nation’s Supreme Court on same sex marriage which portends great calamities in the days ahead. These will surely test our faith and God’s grace. On the one hand there will be heartache and sorrow, while on the other hand, joy, during the tribulations to come. How can this be, you ask? We are instructed to rejoice, because out of such things will be birthed the remnant end time church, which will usher in Christ’s return.

Also serious is the shadowed hand of pervasive hatred circumnavigating the globe. Hate begets hate, as demonic principalities in high places, wrestle with each other for dominance. Each evil prince is fulfilling the long running plan of God’s pre-creation enemy and ours. Terrorism, racial animus, and political antagonism in America, and abroad, have become the order of the day.

In this harbinger of the culmination of the ages, we refuse to give into fear and hatred. While we have a spiritual directive to defend ourselves, we have an equally powerful promise from scripture that tells us, “these things must be” but then “the end.” From this caldron of madness, the one true prince of peace will come. Into a world much like today, he came as a babe. Now He stands expectantly, knowing that soon, very soon, He will take His rightful place as king over all. Today’s practitioners of fear and hatred will then bow before Him.

During our journey these past 12 months, our eyes opened to recognize the true humor of God. Little things, when He briefly kissed our cheek, while playing ‘hide the treasure in a hand’ with His children. We experienced examples of this when we often endeavored to seek Him and His will. After waiting a while, it seemed to us, at the time, that He gave “no” answer, only to be awakened in the middle of the night by His presence which bathed us in His goodness and His direction. It was so much like an earthly father, nudging his children awake, to say “I love you and I am proud of you. Walk this way.”

As we look back, we can see that our path was punctuated, as well, with moments of curiosity and perplexity…the funny, “strange or perplexing,” kind. We witnessed many of our brethren continuing to suffer with mind numbing trials that it brought Job to our minds. The bravery with which these faithful face each day speaks well of their faith and abiding love for Christ. Our message to them is “you are not forgotten by us and certainly not by God. We want to encourage you to continue in hope, biblical hope, and reject the lies saying you are not loved. You are loved. The greater work of glory being raised up in you gives grace to the weak and fallen, among us.

We believe that we’ve heard the still, small voice about these sufferings. His voice said, “Measurement of your faith in, and of, Christ is not taken at the beginning of a trial but, rather, at the worst of it. It is then that your guardian angel stretches out My measuring stick, and I am able to declare over you, “Well done.”


May the Lord bless you in 2016.


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