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A Christmas with Angels – 2015

While preserving the perspective of the angelic chroniclers of our series, Winds of Eternity, we plot a new literary adventure for our website visitors. Taking aim at the receding shadow of man’s celebrations over the last month, we ask a provocative question, “Do angels celebrate Christmas?”

Hmmm! As you hazard your own answer to this question, whether you vote with a yes or a no, your answer fashions additional questions.

If the reply is yes, other questions logically follow. Did angels celebrate Christmas before there was a virgin birth? How do angels and all of Heaven (including the saints that are already there) celebrate? Does the Holy Trinity join in the celebration? Do they all decorate things? If they do celebrate, does it coincide with our worldly celebration? What did Satan and his horde think about these events? What mischief did these enemies then perpetrate?

On the other hand if your reply is no, we usher in a different series of questions for you, our readers, to ponder. Why did HaRuach invest so much space in Holy Writ to the subject? Why did the Heavenly host sing Hallelujahs so passionately to the surprised shepherds? Why did God go to all the trouble of placing a star in the sky and bringing the wise men to Bethlehem? Doesn’t the answer no perpetuate an historical void which is then only filled by other religious belief systems? Doesn’t Satan benefit more from an answer of no than he does from an answer of yes?

Answers to these lines of inquiry will take us into many areas, some known and some unknown. We will certainly ‘look into’ the angelic visitations which accompanied a special birth in Bethlehem. We will also look into the early centuries’ church practices and beliefs concerning our various questions.

In subsequent articles we will attempt a run at filling in the gaps and fleshing out our understanding of the subject. We will do this by eavesdropping on Heaven’s angels as they ponder certain historical events and characters known to most of you, our readers. Join us as we witness the growing awareness of the angels regarding the significance of certain events in Judea and man’s reaction to those same events. We will contemplate man’s propensity to complicate things…changing Heavenly ways for traditions that are more tolerable of our ways…instituting spiritual fog through which we all must wade to find meaning and purpose.

As always, we welcome your own views and musings, and any challenging questions which come to mind about our subject. None of us has a lock on things spiritual. Stay connected to as we foolishly rush in where angels fear to tread!

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