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The story-line of your excellently written book, The Angel Chronicles, is awesome! Winds Of Eternity absolutely transports my soul, soaring above the Heavens. It provides such an outlook on that beautiful Golden City that I will never be the same, if I tried. How astounding it is to realize that Heaven and Earth’s matters are being taken care of by multitudes of angels, empowered by the prayers and cries from across the ages. Understanding this is the quintessence of a supernatural intervention.


Readers will be challenged to lift their sights a little higher, and be encour­aged to discover how hope is, in itself, an ever-increasing power through the help of unseen forces.


I stand as a witness that all this happened to me.

M.W. Kendall, Founder
Int. President, Flame Fellowship International

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An imaginative tale that takes place in two theaters…Heaven and earth…taking us back to the beginning. The Angel Chronicles poses the question, “What if?” Although in line with scripture, it dares to envision what might have occurred, filling in the blanks with engaging angelic beings while fleshing out our (literal) first family.


Heaven meets earth in this compelling drama. Take a glimpse behind the scenes in the garden. Witness angelic beings battling dark forces that are intent on destroying man. Set in the past, this book will help open your eyes to the spiritual battles and realities surrounding us today. I highly recommend it.


I will never read Genesis the same way again!

Karen Gnitecki, Women’s Bible Study Teacher
River in the Hills Church

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Winds of Eternity does an incredible job at pulling the curtain back and letting us see the unseen. Witnessing the excitement and anticipation of the angels before God spoke creation into existence gives the account in Genesis more depth and a fresh new perspective. Reading the book has left me with a renewed daily awareness of the angels and the heavenly host that watch over us. The Angel Chronicles is an amazing revelation and a joy to read!

Kevin A. Miller

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This book is totally amazing!!! I love how you hooked me in. I loved it because it captured the essence of Heaven’s glory, and allowed a glimpse into the possible thoughts and actions of my favorite creatures, angels. The creative genius described the majesty of Heaven in ways I had never even dreamed of. The imaginative writing is superb and completely allowed me to have an insiders’ view of what may await us there.


A total delight!!!

DeShae Ashley, RDH, MS

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We have had the privilege of previewing The Angel Chronicles and found it to be a fun and interesting read. The characters were compelling and at times whimsical. We found the story to be imaginative, true to the scriptural text, quite deep, but one that can be enjoyed on several levels.

Nancy L. and Chuck M. Green

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This unfolding mystery catches the eye and heart. I was moved by sharing its privileged, bird’s eye, view of Heaven, and the angels’ endeavors as they labor to reconcile creation, and their new assignment to man, which is soon followed by man’s lost innocence. I’m sure we’d be amazed at how many times we’ve been protected, encouraged, and lifted up once again by the angels we have entertained, unaware. I’m looking forward to the next in the series of “Winds of Eternity.”

Vera Zidermanis, Past President
Aglow International, Waco Lighthouse
Aglow International, Heart of Texas Area Board

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