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Welcome to Zukher’s Intelligence Service!


Thank you for joining my troupe in our fight against Lucifer. This is not an easy task, as he is very deceptive, persuasive and cunning. So making sure you are on top of the latest intelligence and behind the scenes conversations will be crucial for you to stand your ground and help us prevail.


Stay tuned for TOP SECRET reports, case studies and other information, to include biographical write ups of your team members:


  • Lairn’r (Pronounced [Layrʹ-ner] or Learner)
  • Komodo’r (Pronounced [Kahʹ-ma-dor] or Commodore)
  • Tantzer (Pronounced [Tontʹ-zer])

  • Klalish (Pronounced [Klayʹ-lish])
  • Shtitsen (Pronounced [Shteetʹ-sen])
  • Sryyab’r (Pronounced [Sreeʹ-yab-r])
  • Lez’n (Pronounced [Lezʹ-en])



Heaven MapIn the meantime, make sure you GET YOUR FREE COPY OF THE MAP OF HEAVEN; this map will be crucial to ensure you navigate Heaven well and not miss any of our secret meetings (CLICK ON IMAGE TO DOWNLOAD). A free smaller, low-resolution version is available here. If you are using a MAC computer and do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it here: Get Acrobat for MAC


If you would like a large (24″ X 18″) high-resolution copy, you can purchase it here.

Great for book clubs, Vacation Bible School fun, Sunday School classes and youth groups looking for a fun way to study the Bible.

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