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Pasta Sauce from Scratch

If you were expecting this recipe as our #9 offering, I was thinking Holidays and the need to feed a crowd. Instead of giving you the recipe for Marinara Sauce from Scratch, as promised in Feeding The Temple #8, “A Quickie Trip To Italy,” the recipe you found was for Chili. We’ll make up for that oversight now with this tried and true recipe that you’ll find simply delish.

Feeding the Temple – LET’S MAKE CHILI

As the Holiday Parties are under way, we try to prepare for entertaining while we are running from one gathering to another, being entertained! To make your part of the prep for company easier and less stressful, you will find this Chili recipe to be simple and simply delicious. In addition, the fat grams are so easy on the body. We are using a packaged McCormick Chili, either the Fire Roasted Garlic or the Smoky BBQ Seasoning Mix. Remember to add your own touches to season to taste, but this will give you a great start!


When you’re ready for another dinner from your store of goodies, prepare pasta with marinara sauce. This sauce will serve you well for one meal and always tastes better after a day in the fridge…so if you’re cooking ahead, this is a wonderful dish. If you prepare enough for 2 meals, different add-on veggies and protein will change it up.

Asian Delight

Use a wok for this masterpiece of Asian cookery!

Toss into the wok about a half-cup low-sodium soy or teriyaki sauce, a touch of ginger powder and a splash of Newman’s Own Sesame Ginger Dressing. Add more of the dressing if you love the taste of this delightful, light flavor. To this basic mix, add: Snap peas; kale or bok choy; water chestnuts; celery; green beans; shredded carrots; or other fresh veggies, such as green or red bell pepper, that will not wilt in the first round of stir-fry. Hint: If the sauce begins to cook away, add chicken or vegetable broth, as you go.

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