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Man is fundamentally ignorant of how God fashioned His greatest creation!


What is surprising about this observation is that people of faith, and their celebrated teachers, are equally unaware and are comfortable maintaining that ignorance.


Winds of Eternity The Angel Chronicles fills the void wrought by that ignorance. We believe that the essential importance of this topic is reflected by just how many scriptural verses in Holy Writ are devoted to “spirit,” “soul” and “body.” There are over 2,000 such verses that result from a quick search for these words and their individual charismatic faculties.


A casual survey of people of faith suggests that there are certain principal reasons for such a lack of knowledge:


  • General ignorance of how to compare spiritual things with things that are spiritual, rather, we filter scripture through modern philosophical and psychological concepts
  • Modern translations of Holy Writ, while serving expediency, weaken the spiritual potency of this knowledge, thereby changing the sword of the gospels of Israel and The New Covenant into the psychology of man
  • There is a tendency for our natural minds to reason that it is folly to diligently look into something that will only further divide people of faith
  • There is the problem that many teachers promote: the idea that such a comprehensive study would be majoring in minor things


Our hope is that each of you will yield to the Holy Spirit’s invitation to look into this matter. An in-depth study of Spirit, Soul and Body ushers in, for each student, seasons of revelation, health for the soul, and a sure foundation from which to build an overcoming spiritual house. “Spirit, Soul and Body” is a gift of the Holy Spirit with major avenues leading to spiritual growth.


The study gives the student a spiritual primer; a veracious vocabulary for studying scripture. Specifically, one receives the tools to study the KJV, rendering navigation of its passages easier, while preserving the anointed poetry, musical score and nuances that are sadly absent from other translations such as NKJV, NIV, and others.


This knowledge empowers the believer, thus preparing him to wield the practical weapons necessary for spiritual warfare. It creates spiritual skill sets for overcoming the now conquerable spiritual enemies. As a result, the speculation and wild guessing, so present in the mind of today’s believer who has to engage in battle, is replaced by fundamental truths.


This study teaches us how to possess our souls. Just as a skilled mechanic possesses knowledge to diagnose and repair an automobile, the student of faith has the knowledge to diagnose and remedy his individual skirmishes, finally taking his own personal promise land.


We will teach a practical understanding of each of these benefits, and more, at the end of the series articles laying out what a study of spirit, soul and body is and is not.


We will begin our study in the next article called “Body Series, Part 1 (Our Outer Court)”



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