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Happy Anniversary

We share this poem, overcome with an enduring hope that it will bless someone who really needs it. It was written by Tree when we celebrated our anniversary this past week.



Heaven smiled and the angels watched

Two humans so unique

Neither he nor she had the slightest idea

Unaware of the interest they piqued


Day by day they were carried along

On plans molded long ago

They knew not why or how it came

This flame that was destined to glow


Then the perfect season arrived

As always, in its right time

Though it took ages to nurture, ‘twas not a moment too soon

For He knows when the timing’s sublime


Though eyebrows were raised as our love unfolded

Trust should have held fast in His might

We’ll treasure each moment letting Him be our guide

Ever striving to follow His light


As we live thus, together, we never lose faith

We know we must never look back

So we’ll go on, hand in hand, kiss to kiss

And…as they’ve learned…we’re Track


Are we blessed or what?

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