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As I’d mentioned in my previous note, it’s interesting that we so frequently use the term, “time flies when you’re having fun!”

Time flies, as well, when you’re using it as a measure between pills, naps, therapy and meals. Time is flying…but not because of fun!

When recovering from a reconstructive surgery (I guess we can call it that), there are a number of daily procedures that are truly routine, until you have to think about them. So much we take for granted, eh?

We will, however, save this philosophizing for another day.

When last I wrote about my angel with the tablet, 6 days ago, I neglected to fill you in on another visit that day. Since I really don’t want this special moment to simply disappear, I will give you this brief happening to add to that wonderful visit I’ve already shared with you.

The same day to which I’d referred when I saw my angel scribe, I had dozed off, under the peace that passes understanding…knowing that in the midst of pain and doubt, The Lord and His emissaries are with us, supporting us and protecting us.

It was very quiet in the room when I opened my eyes and then closed them, as I felt the gentle touch of a tender rub. It skimmed my shoulders and back, right above the incision, and ran down my arms. I smiled, eyes still closed, feeling sure that my adoring husband had quietly entered the room and was giving love from his fingertips. Not an unusual occurrence.

What a surprise!

No one was in the room!

It had to have been one of my beloved guardians, reminding me, so sweetly, that I am never alone.

Nor are you!

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