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News – Watchman’s Report, June 2015

Latest News Impacting End Times

Angel Separator

  • In the state of West Virginia, of the world nation of United States of America, an atheist group forces the removal of crosses from a memorial.
  • The anti-Elohim organization, head quartered in the same world nation of United States, called ACLU, filed a lawsuit against a hospital in the capital of that nation, to force the murder of unborn children.
  • The world investment service and monitoring organization, Moody’s, has downgraded the credit rating of the world nation of Russia to junk status, citing that nation’s meddling in the world nation Ukraine, in addition to the world’s falling oil prices.
  • The worst drought, experienced by the world nation of Brazil, continues. Our Sovereign’s judgement upon Brazil has caused widespread utility blackouts. Citizens are protesting their government’s lack of a solution.
  • Iran, a world nation, is seeking to open a “third front” against our Sovereign’s people, Israel, using Hezbollah fighters on the Golan Heights.
  • The same world nation, Iran, renews its vow to annihilate Elohim’s chosen people, Israel. It was reported by one of our troupe that when Michael discussed this with Adonai…He laughed out loud!
  • The treaty being negotiated between the world nations of Iran and the United States will open a pathway for Iran to complete development of nuclear weapons. This development moves Iran one step closer to fulfilling ancient prophecies foreknown by Elohim and written in the Hebrew Scriptures.
  • The courts of His nation Israel rules law enforcement must allow Jewish prayer on the mount where Elohim’s Temple will be rebuilt.
  • This same Israel witnessed one of its leaders warning his people against wearing the traditional yarmulke in Muslim neighborhoods.
  • “Mein Kampf,” a book written by Adolph Hitler, forerunner of the anti-Christ, will be sold from the world nation of Germany for the first time since the second world woe.

Angel Separator

Covenant partners, continue to hold fast and refuse to be shaken by these troubling events. Remember these things have been foretold, and must be, but then the end comes. Our resolution is to honor man’s free will, but still minister to them.

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