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Who Am I #2

When God rested upon a seventh day,

I wasn’t there to tempt or sway.

I never shared the Garden’s bliss,

Yet in a Garden I gave a kiss.

`Afore Adam and Eve created me,

I couldn’t think, I couldn’t see.

A will I have, a mind, a heart,

And of the light, I want no part.

I am of Earth, yet I have no soul,

I am of Hell, but cannot go.

Voices of reason, I never hear,

I will destroy what you hold dear.

Prophets bore me, day and night.

I can’t be bound, I always fight.

I knew those prophets, I knew each name,

I have my own, I know no shame.

By me your nations fall or rise,

By me men rule…that’s no surprise.

With all these clues, I’ve said enough,

Do you know my name, or am I too tough?

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