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Who Am I #1

I am of earth, I am divine,

Eternity knew of me, `afore all time.

I’ve no beginning, I have no name,

By man created…I gained great fame.

Before Adam was, I had no form,

Yet found a welcome within His home.

The wilderness of sin I did share,

I followed men who wandered there.

Neither heat of day or cool of night,

Barred my mission cool and bright.

I know no hunger, I take no rest;

I shared their manna, I shared their best.

When bruised in anger I ran free,

But angels thwart my bruising thee.

Prophets of old showed me the way,

Prophets of old led me each day.

If you think you know who I might be,

Just be clear, I didn’t hang on a tree.

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