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It’s True…It’s Factual…It’s Supernatural – Opa’s Salvation

One fact of renown is that all Heaven takes a pause whenever one solitary individual repents, confesses, and puts his or her trust in Yeshuah, Jesus, as Lord and Savior.

The following is such a testimony, extracted from private communications, and is true, except that names have been altered to maintain privacy.

A man affectionately named Opa shared, with his daughter, the following testimony. You will easily recognize the handiwork of guardian angels, who, across a great span of eternity, have ministered to two of Yehovah’s elect.

“For the last few weeks I heard a voice calling me. I kept thinking it was your mom, but then I would remember that she was in the rehab center, miles away. Anyway, I have been ignoring these calls when they come.

“After a long day, yesterday, I retired and soon fell asleep. During the night, while I am certain I was asleep, I heard a very deep and loud, really loud, voice calling my name: “Opa!”

“I woke up. And I knew…like I know…it was Yeshuah.

“Next, my feet started to shake. My legs started shaking. The shake climbed up aggressively until it got to my chest. Then my chest felt so heavy. It felt as if somebody was pressing hard. And then a wave of heat climbed from my feet to my head. My head was burning. Burning. Burning.

“I said: ‘Yeshuah, I know it is you. Please do not take me from this life. I love my wife. I love taking care of her. I am not ready to go.’

“The moment I said: ‘Yeshuah…’it all stopped.

My dad added with great joy: “You were right! Yeshuah is alive! He is real! And I can talk to Yeshuah, too! It is all true! It is all true!”

Then he said that he shared it with my mom, and that she, too, is so happy.

I said : “Opa, we were all praying for your time with H* and P*. We were asking Yeshuah for a gateway for you and mom into a relationship with Him.”

Opa said: “Your prayers were answered.”

Then I prayed and, aloud, thanked Yeshuah for making Himself known to my father, for hearing all our prayers, and for shaking his body to make sure he now knows that Yeshuah is real. I thanked Yeshuah for His blood sacrifice that is the only way to enter a relationship with Yehovah. My father said loud and clear: “Amen.”

Then I told my dad that this is it, and from this point forward he, too, will have a flowing relationship with Yeshuah, just like we do.

My father responded, “I so hope so. I really want that.”

Then my father shared something with me which he had never shared with anyone. When he was six years old, the following occurrence took place in Bagdad, Iraq.

They had a big house, and upstairs there was a guest room. His older sister and brother used to love sleeping there. One day, he asked to sleep there, too. In the middle of the night he awakened as he felt that somebody had entered the room. He saw a man with white hair, white beard and glowing with a white light. That man sat with my dad for a long time and shared many mysteries with him. My father said that it was amazing, but he couldn’t remember what He had shared that night, and yet Opa never forgot that experience.

I told Opa, “I do not think that the shakes and the heat was about taking you, Dad, but was a way of making sure that you will never doubt that Yeshuah called you and loves you.”

Then I remembered that I had had a similar shake and a call…when I was just coming into faith. I then shared with my dad the following.

Fourteen years ago, I heard my husband calling me. I ran to him, but he said that he hadn’t called me. It happened again the same way the next day. And on the third day, it happened again, but this time it was a bit different. My husband was standing next to me when I heard my name. I looked at him and knew it was not him who was calling me. Then I looked up and I saw many musical notes dropping from heaven in a circular tube. I heard the voices of the angels, and many heroes from the bible, all in unity, proclaiming Yeshuaaaahhh is aaallliiivvve! (Yeshuah is alive!).

Then, at another time, Yeshuah revealed to me that our daughter was healthy when she thought that she may have been very ill. When we went to receive the test results, it took a long time for her to come out of the examining room. The longer it took her, the more I doubted what Yeshuah had revealed to me. And then, when I was fully immersed in the struggle, my whole body started to shake. I felt the pressure on my chest and I felt like I was going to die. Just then, our daughter opened the door, and I heard Yeshuah’s voice, saying in a deep, loud voice, “Do Not Doubt Me Ever Again!”

Our Yeshuah is bigger than our wildest imagination and He is so faithful.

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