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It’s True…It’s Factual…It’s Supernatural – Breathe of Heaven

This is a testimony of and about a child. El Shaddai places a very watchful eye over all children. It is all together true the one thing that comes closest to breaking our Sovereign’s composure is when something bad happens to a child. His watchfulness begins before conception, and becomes much more intense from the instant that conception takes place.

The following account is true. As always, we have changed or redacted the names to maintain privacy. In the Book of Life, however, the actual names are written.

Breath of Heaven, as told by Julie’s mother.

“When I was seven months pregnant with my daughter, I went to worship Yeshuah in a congregation. While a young lady led worship, I felt Yeshuah’s message to me, “Your baby will lead many in worship just like this lady.”

My husband and I had a worshiper in my belly. Later, that year, my daughter was born.

“I routinely changed Julie’s diaper right before putting her to sleep. When Julie was 20 months old, she loved sleeping on a mattress on the floor and so I lay her there, where she went to sleep immediately. The day had been long. I left the diaper on the hamper, which happened to be placed in front of a very old, and inactive, wall heater. My husband, Lloyd, and went to bed.

“Later, sometime that night, I heard a voice say, wake up and smell the smoke.” I did not smell anything unusual, so I went back to sleep.

At about 3:00 AM my husband and I both awakened as we heard Julie coughing. We assumed she might be coming down with a cold and we fell back to sleep.”

At about 5:00 AM I heard a voice, “Wake up and smell the smoke.”

Since I still didn’t smell anything, once again, I quickly fell back to sleep. Minutes later I awakened again to the same voice, but this time the voice had such clear determination that I had to respond.

I nudged my husband awake and asked him to find the smoke in the house. He didn’t smell anything, but went anyway to search, just in case. He opened the door to our daughter’s room and found it was filled with thick, white, choking smoke. Holding his breath he made his way through the smoke to my daughter’s mattress expecting to touch her and find her dead. Instead she immediately got up, took his hand and together they walked out of the room.

We called 911 and in just a few minutes the fire department was there. That heater was supposed to have been disconnected for the last 20 years, but apparently, it was still working. The hamper placed in front of the heater, and the baby blankets that were inside, were totally blackened. They were just minutes from catching fire. The fireman explained to us that in 5 more minutes, the whole house would have caught on fire!

Even though Julie looked totally normal we decided to take her for a thorough check up at the hospital. To our great amazement, and despite the fact that the doctor had suspicion that her lungs must be covered with smoke from the inhalation, she seemed to have no symptoms. To be certain she was really fine, we stayed with her all night in the hospital.

During the night, as she slept she kept repeating the same motion. She kept stretching her arm way up. When I asked the nurse what this was, she said, “She is reliving her ordeal. Maybe she is trying to get out of the smoke.” That broke my stoicism, as we realized that she had actually suffered.

Lloyd called his mother to ask for prayers. Later on, his mom said that she had never heard her son’s voice without life, but she did then. That night grandma had a dream in which a doctor called her from the hospital. He said, “I want to tell you that Julie is totally healed and she is going home today.” As grandma hung up the phone, she woke up and realized that the dream was a message from God. She immediately called, lifting my husband’s burden.

The next morning, the doctor gave us the list of complications that could yet occur as a result of the severe inhalation of smoke. Later that afternoon, we took our daughter home, with a clean bill of health.

We all assumed that she had been found just in the nick of time. However, it always appeared to us to be a mystery. We wondered how she was able to sustain such a long time in smoke that Lloyd could hardly stand for a couple of minutes. After all, as we look back, we understand that the cough we heard at 3:00 AM was because the hamper was already smoldering and the room was filled with smoke.

As I was driving with Julie when she was 2 years old and Andy, who was then 4, I overheard a conversation they were having.

Julie: “Hot hot hot, eye, up up Heaben, eese back, vish.”

Andy: “How?”

Julie: “Vish vish.”

This conversation repeated itself, on and off, for about three weeks. Months later the mini-mystery is cleared up. What she said was still from a two year old and it went something like this, which I have interpreted to make it more understandable.

Julie: “The fire, hot in the eyes, then I went to Heaven. I asked God, “Please send me back. Then whoosh and I was back.”


During the next two years our daughter frequently mentioned her experience in Heaven and she kept on telling us stories of what had happened to her. Eventually, we pieced together the whole story, and here it is.

“The room was filled with dense smoke and there was a bright light on the wall. I tried to get out of the room, but couldn’t because the smoke was so thick. Just then Yeshuah came into the room. He wore a white robe. He picked me up and took me through the walls, out of the house, to a park nearby. An angel then came down from the sky with a beautiful shield. The angel gave me his knife and, as I tapped the shield with the knife, the shield changed colors.”

Julie loved that moment and told us about it, over and over. She was very impressed by how wide the angel’s shoulders were. Then the angel took her on his back, riding up toward Heaven. Halfway to heaven the sky was filled with angels with swords and knives. This picture spoke to us, deeply, as we have been aware of the several scripture verses talking about such things.

The angel said, “We are not done. There is one more thing you need to do.”

He took her to a place that looked to her like a jail. Satan was sitting, crumpled down in a corner. She took the angel’s knife and poked satan’s mouth with it. His teeth fell out. As we heard her description of satan, the scripture of David came to our minds. “Arise, Oh Lord; Save me, O my God! For you have struck all my enemies on the cheekbone; you have broken the teeth of the ungodly.” Psalm 3:7.

Julie went on, “The gate to Heaven had a picture of Yeshuah. Inside the gate it was so beautiful. The air had a golden color. Every color had a light in it. The angel brought me to a strong young man. He called me by my name. Julie, I am your Grandpa Burtram.”

My husband’s father had died seventeen years earlier and Julie had no knowledge of him. She said, “Grandpa Burtram loved me and gave me a big hug.”

He took her on a tour. He led her to a long stairway and showed her the way to climb. Julie said that there was a frog that hoped the stairs ahead of her, leading her up. At the top of the stairs she saw a huge water fountain in the shape of a special cup. Out of the fountain were beautiful flowing waters of different colors.

Next she was taken to a big party, thrown just for her. The party was so much fun and then her Grandpa came to her. He led her to El Shaddai’s throne. El Shaddai was wearing a very bright white rob, so bright that it was shining as light. El Shaddai lifted her up and placed her on His lap and showed her a very big book. In that book were the names of the people who were coming to Heaven. El Shaddai read to her a long list of names. In the end, He mentioned uncle Mark, my husband’s brother.

Just then, Julie asked El Shaddai to send her back. She explained that even though Heaven, Yehovah, Yeshuah, the colors, the music and the majesty was so great, she missed us. She felt she had to come back to us. El Shaddai said that He is going to send her back, yet He wants her to remain gentle and kind. He added, “If you treat others in a loving way, then I can bring you back here.”

Julie said, “El Shaddai is beautiful. He has a wonderful plan for my life.”

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