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Soul Series: Part 7 (Holy Place)

We conclude our Series about the Soul by examining the Administrations therein



The soul, as in life and the hereafter, requires rules and order to operate in harmony. Although we think there are probably five administrations, at this time we know of only four. They are the mind, the heart, the soul, and the strength. Again, our purpose here is to give you an overview. Future articles will cover each of these in detail.

Soul Series: Part 3 (Holy Place)

Do passages that mention the words “spirit” and “soul” refer to one and the same thing?


No. Each is a unique agent or vessel (self-determining and sentient) of our personal trinity which makes up what Paul referred to as the “whole man.” Each vessel serves an entirely different purpose. References to soul and the personal spirit are not two faces of the same coin. I understand that many well-meaning ministries do teach this, but as you will read…it just isn’t so. Fundamentally unique, each consists of a different substance.

Soul Series: Part 2 (Holy Place)

Do the Hebrew Scriptures (The Old Covenant) and the Greek/Aramaic Scriptures (The New Covenant) agree when mentioning spirit, soul, and body?


Yes, in fact, the Greek Scriptures clarify much of what remains unclear when one reads the Hebrew Scriptures, alone. One instance of this clarification is mentioned by none other than Apostle Paul. It is sound and holds up very well to scrutiny. We’ve taken the liberty of bracketing the meaning of certain words in an effort to clarify what Paul is saying here.

Test Your Theology and Biblical Understanding #1

  1. Who was the first gentile believer in the covenant of the New Testament?
  2. When did Eve die?
  3. What was approximate population of world at time of Adam’s death?
  4. Where in scripture is God’s first prayer mentioned?
  5. Why would God pray?
  6. Was there anything Job could have done to prevent or shorten the time he was tested?
  7. Where in scripture is man’s first prayer mentioned?
  8. Where in scripture is the first mention of God having a son?

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