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Glossary of Names


Names of Characters

Name Meaning Vocation Notes
Abel Vanity, breath, vapor 2nd son of Adam and Eve First man to die, first man in Paradise
Adaiah Witness of the Lord Angel of the Lord Note introduced in The angel Chronicles
Adam Man First Man First man, one of only two of mankind to walk in the Garden
Alexis Protector of Man Sculpture 2nd Guardian of Abel
Bartke Adventurer Scout/Pathfinder
Cain Possession or possessed 1sr born son of Adam and Eve Killed Abel, his brother
Chayim Life Worshiper Held a commission to worship Elohim continuously, before the Throne
Dāwīḏ Beloved Song Writer 1st Guardian of Adam
Emunah Faith Craftsman 2nd Guardian of Eve
Eve Mother of All Living Wife/Mother First women, first wife, first sinner, first person to know spiritual death
Gabriel God is my strength Novice Messenger Yes, this is the one we all know about.
Gershom A sojourner there Surveyor 1st Guardian of Eve
Holofernez Loves Labor Lost Vile Maker 1st Guardian of Cain until he reached age of accountability
Klalish Standard Warrior Guard at East Gate of Eden
Komodo`r Commodore Tactician
Lairn`r Learner Scribe
Lez`n Reader Scribe Principal scribe of Chronicle
Mehgenʹ Defender 2nd Guardian of Adam
Michael Who is like God Arch Angel
Omán Artist Artist
‘Ot ha-brit Sign of the Covenant Orator 1st Guardian of Abel
Phendimann Full of oneself Physicist This name was derived from the name of a notable physicist
Seth Put, who puts, fixed 3rd son of Adam and Eve Received mantle of Adam
Shtitsen Support Exhorter
Sryyab`r Scribe Scribe Lez`n backup
Tantzer Dancer Novice Messenger
Yosabed Change of Mercy Inventor Provisional Guardian of Cain
Zukher Seeker Organizer Leader of Vanguard Troupe attending man



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