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Meet Tree and Jack (Track) Johnson


Track JohnsonIf it is really true that “all things work together for our good” then Jack and Tree are true poster children for that promise. Jack responded to a call in the 60’s. His choice was either the drug-laced, anti-war movement, dubbed the “counter-culture” or the alternative enthusiasm of the time branded, “Jesus Freaks.” Tree grew up in Brooklyn, became an accomplished marketing professional and published author, while seeking spiritual relevance, walking through a maze filled with life’s finest disappointments.


Eternity made good on that aforementioned promise one sunny Sunday in September of 2011. It was then that two strangers just happened to be seated, one in front of the other, at a church service. Their life chronicles how disappointment and despair can meet disillusionment and doubt, yet lead to the discovery that “it is never too late.” It is the captivating story of Tree and Jack. Now inseparable, they are known to colleagues, friends, and family, as Track.




Jack and Tree now share a rare gift and a single name, Track. Both the gift and the name are favored from above and prove for those who dare…“it is never too late to live happily ever after.”





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